For all those who appreciate a glass of good wine or a spoon of fresh honey or who simply want to enrich their stay by visiting the beautiful surroundings of the city, City Hostel offers organized wine tours to Sremski Karlovci, a charming little town on the slopes of Fruška Gora mountain. It is known not only for the first Serbian Grammar School, but also for its numerous vineyards and wineries whose owners, following the centuries old tradition, make highest quality wines.

 THE TOUR INCLUDES: transfer to and from Sremski Karlovci, sightseeing (Patriarchy Residence, Orthodox Church, Karlovci Grammar School, Four Lions Fountain) and visit to the oldest wine cellar in the town – Živanović followed by wine tasting (our guests will have the opportunity to try six different types of wine, including the famous bermet, whose secret recipe has been passed down from generation to generation). Visitors will also be offered to try four different types of honey and can also visit the interesting Beekeeping Museum. Another spot that shouldn’t be missed is the monastery Krušedol, one of the most important Serbian monasteries, resting place of many important persons from the Serbian history.


THE TOUR LASTS approximately 4 hours


PRICE: 20 € per person

                                                                                      ABOUT SREMSKI KARLOVCI

Sremski Karlovci is a town 10 km away from Novi Sad on the right side of the river Danube on the slopes of the Fruška Gora mountain. It was built probably during the period of the Roman Empire, which is also when the first vineyards appeared in this region.

During the Turkish invasion it became one of the biggest towns in Srem. In September 1698, representatives of the Turkish Empire and the Holy League met in Karlovci to conclude the Austro-Ottoman War and negotiate the terms of the peace. On January 26, 1969. they reached an agreement and signed the document known as the Treaty of Karlowitz. A curiosity during this occasion was a large tent with entrances on all four sides, so that the representatives of all the countries could enter the tent at the same time, without giving priority to any one of them. Another interesting detail was a round table, used for the first time in the history of war and peace negotiations. Today on this spot you can see the Chapel of Piece built as a memorial to this historical moment.

Karlovci earned a special place in Serbian history in May 1848, when patriarch Rajačić declared the unification of the regions Bačka, Banat, Srem and Baranja into the province of Serbian Vojvodina with Karlovci as its capital.

After moving the Patriarchy and other institutions to Belgrade, Karlovci lost its significance, but still stands as a unique museum of Serbian past. 




This is the most monumental building from the 19th century in Vojvodina. The Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church, so-called Treasury, is situated within the palace. Nowadays, the Residency accommodates the seat of Srem Diocese and it serves as the summer residency of the Serbian patriarch.



Built in 1762, this church is dedicated to St. Nicolas and is one of the most beautiful examples of the 18th century architecture in Vojvodina. The coffin containing the holy relics of the second Serbian archbishop, St. Arsenije Sremac, is located in front of the iconostasis. 




The oldest Serbian Grammar School was founded in 1791. Nowadays, Karlovci Grammar School is a philological secondary school, where modern and classical languages are studied.




The fountain was built in 1799. in honour of finishing the first public water supply system in Karlovci. The legend says that everyone who drinks water from this fountain will eventually return to Karlovci and stay here for good.




One of the most important Serbian monasteries, situated on the southern slopes of Fruška Gora, near the town of Irig, legacy of the last Serbian despot family of Srem – Branković. Built in the 16th century, it later became the seat of Srem Diocese. Besides the whole Branković family, two patriarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as king Milan Obrenović are also buried here.




Since the slopes of Fruška Gora were covered by exceptional sorts of grapes, Sremski Karlovci followed the tradition of making the highest quality wines.The Živanović family is inextricably connected to the whole development of viticulture and wine making in Sremski Karlovci. The first records point to a certain Teodor Živanović (1753 – 1832) and his successor Josim, succesful winemakers, who established the family tradition of wine making and whose reputation lasts until this day.

Professor Jovan Živanović was a professor in Karlovci Grammar School, one of the most famous Serbian beekeepers, the founder of modern beekeeping, but also a man with a great knowledge of winemaking. Today the tradition of winemaking is followed by the seventh generation of the family.The wines are produced in a three hundred years old cellar, one of the oldest and biggest, used also by our ancestors.

The vineyards are still on the same place where there were centuries ago, in “Matej”, 200 meters above sea level, near the river Danube, on the slopes of Fruška Gora mountain, which together provide the excellent quality of grapes and wine.The Ausbruch wine was one of the choices on the wine list of the Titanic, amongst other world class wines.

The winemaker families of the town kept the very old recipe of the famous bermet as a secret for centuries and passed it down from generation to generation. It was served on the Russian, English and Viennese Court and exported to New York in the 1930s. It is made by adding 27 different ingredients to the natural wine, amongst which are raisins, nutmeg, vanilla, wormwood, dried figs and many others.

As the owners of the oldest winery in Karlovci, the Živanović family opened their doors to wine tourists from all over the world and everyone who appreciates a glass of traditional world class wine. 


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